Matt Toka
I think the hardest part about being a cashier is telling the girl buying 3 pregnancy tests to "Have a nice day"

Check Out My Secret Taco Powers & Show Me Yours For A Chance At $2,000!

In honor of the movie Carrie, that comes out October 18, I've decided to share one of my many secret powers. Carrie White uses her…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Oct 07, 2013

MIXTAPE MONDAY - Best Halloween Playlist Ever!

   Halloween is coming! Get hype. I'll be eating pumpkin everything for the rest of the month. Num num num... 
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Oct 07, 2013

Student Gains World Fame For Drawing On Her Leg

Artist Jody Steel doodles on her leg when she's bored in class. After posting some of her art on the internet, the photos soon went…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Sep 24, 2013

Mixtape Monday- Captain Beardo's Dance Explosion

Put on your dancing shoes and just feel the sole...    
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Sep 23, 2013

On The Edge Of My Seat All Night At The Insidious 2 Screening

My friend Chris and I went to the screening of Insidious 2 last night and it was awesome. He was running late from finishing up…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Sep 12, 2013

The Microwave - A Swiss Army Knife For Your College Dorm

Did you know the microwave has a lot of useful benefits other than just heating your burrito up and leaving the center colder than the…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Aug 21, 2013

This is Why I Don't Dance...

...well unless maybe I've had a few. Check out this horrible mother and these awesome dance wipe outs!     
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Aug 17, 2013

You're Doing It Wrong!

I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. I feel like a genius after watching this compilation of stupidity at it's best. Did this…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Aug 13, 2013

The Evolution Of The Video Game Console!

In honor of "National Video Game Day", I thought it would be rad to take a look back at the evolution of the video game…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Jul 08, 2013

9 Artists I Bet You Didn't Know Played Warped Tour

This list is about as crazy as One Direction opening up for Metallica, not as crazy as Amanda Bynes, but definately crazier than 2 dogs…
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Jun 26, 2013


I don't know what's creepier, the snake or the voice of the person filming.
Matt Toka
Matt Toka Jun 23, 2013
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